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Brigitte Hillebrecht

My Passion

My business has now been operating successfully for over 25 years to serve the needs of my long-term clients through an extensive team of qualified colleagues who I can call on whenever ...

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My Team

Our interpreters are highly qualified language experts with many years’ professional experience. Professional interpretation – a combination of language proficiency and intercultural competence ...

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Technical equipment

One stop shop

Our worry-free full service package will take care of the technical side of your event, whether booths with all technical interpreting equipment for conferences/large events or portable interpreting ...

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Your benefit is ...

Our expertise

Experience shows that interpreting services are the “poor relation” when planning an event.

So interpreters should be integrated as early as possible. This is of benefit for both sides: highly qualified interpreters are sought-after, because once having proved their expertise, customers remain loyal to “their team”. The same applies to technical equipment and services.

We have a network of experienced service providers to choose from. Why not take advantage of our worry-free full service package and leave us to plan your interpreting services so that you will be free to take care of your side of the business.

What ist ...


To make your – and our – lives easier, here is an overview of the ...

Different types of interpreting:
- Simultaneous interpreting
- Consecutive interpreting
- Whispering/liaison interpreting
- Remote interpreting

Our little Guide explains how all these work.

What is more – we guarantee strict confidentiality.
All information received in the context of an assignment or discussed during your business meetings is of course treated strictly in confidence. It should also be noted that interpreters’ work ethics oblige them to remain neutral.


Have the ...

interpreters arrived?

We will be there at least 30 minutes before the event starts ...

Interpreter teams are always made up of at least two people, because for simultaneous interpreting the interpreters take turns every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the conference and presentation requirements. This is the only way to guarantee quality.
We are also thoroughly prepared for the conference, based on the documents received in advance.
Our little Guide explains how you can support us in our work in the booth or conference room.


Conference interpreting

Conference interpreter (aiic, ata, VKD, BDÜ)
Certified and sworn translator (BDÜ), Court of Frankfurt

  • Conference interpreter and certified and sworn translator since 1980
  • Languages: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Full member of aiic, Int. Association of Conference Interpreters
  • Full member of VKD, German Nat. Association of Conf. Interpreters

    Simultaneous interpreting

    My bilingual background (German and English) facilitated my studies in translation and interpretation at the University of Mainz FAS Germersheim, where I specialised in technology, economics and law. I gained early insight into the practical side of interpreting and translation through internships in the language department of Fichtel & Sachs AG, Schweinfurt, in the university holidays. My continuing professional development is enhanced by extended periods abroad in the USA, France and Spain, and ongoing training in interpreting and translation.

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    Our guide to interpreting ...

    Communication among the delegates is often a great challenge due to the wide variety of languages at these events. Conference interpreters are experts in language communication who help to overcome the language barriers among the conference delegates.

    Liaison interpretation

    Ideally suited for meetings of small groups where only two languages are spoken, (business negotiations ...
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    Consecutive interpreting

    Similar to liaison interpreting, usually suitable for larger audiences such as workshops ...
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    This method is more or less an “emergency solution”. The interpreter works for at most three listeners and ...
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    Simultaneous interpreting

    This is the most frequent type of interpreting used where time is an issue, and the method of choice for all ... - continue

    Distance simultaneous interpreting

    In this type of simultaneous interpreting neither the interpreter, the audience nor the booth are located in the ... - continue

    Your Guide to Interpreting

    Frankfurt is famous as a venue for international fairs, congresses and conferences. Communication ...
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    Brigitte Hillebrecht

    Conference interpreter (aiic, ata, VKD, BDÜ) - Certified and sworn translator (BDÜ)